Welcome speech

Purna Shova Chitrakar


Nepal China Women Friendship Society

The Chief Guest of this program, Her Excellency the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, representatives from various political parties, honorable Members of Parliament, entrepreneurs, professionals, reporters, friends and distinguished guests. Firstly, on behalf of Nepal-China Women's Friendship Society, I would like to cordially welcome and gratitude to Her Excellency Madam Yu Hong for allowing us some time from her busy schedule, and welcome all distinguished guests present on this occasion.

Relations between Nepal and China have been woven together for hundreds of years forming intertwining lattices of politics, economy, social and culture. Bhrikuti's name has been immortalized for becoming a bridge between our nations. Nepal-China Women Friendship Society has provided encouragement and chance to further promote this cause.

Nepal finally has the constitution. This constitution has undoubtedly promoted women's rights. For instance, the clauses that require having one woman filling either the Presidential or the Vice-presidential position, and one becoming either a Speaker or Deputy Speaker at a time, clauses sanctioning the securing of 33 percent among the leadership of political parties and the parliament and of 40 percent in local agencies has certainly helped increase the participation of women within politics and government. Women have carried mantles as heavy, as important and as impressive as President, Speaker, and Chief Justice of Supreme Court. But on the other hand, most of the people have continued to face economic, social and cultural barriers. Only 57.4 percent of women are literate, about 2.1 million households do not have toilets; 8 hundred thousand people live virtually without any form of physical facilities. About 35 percent of the households are depended access to water from wells and spouts. Electricity has only reached about 67 percent of all households, and 64 percent still use fire wood as fuel. 1.5 million children aged 10 to 14 have fallen prey to child marriage. Women performing meaningful economically active are limited to services are 37.5 percent. Woman leadership within businesses, industries and trade are extremely rare. Cases regarding child labour, violence against women, and migrated women's problems have been worsening. This has been followed by impediments in their overall development.

Women are an important part of society. They are half of the sky. Women's skills, their involvement within political, economic, social and cultural endeavors and accomplishments under their leadership with become significant in bringing about change and development to Nepal. Nepal's conservative or traditional society, political instability, and the sentiment tending to focus on surviving a day and not striving for more has negatively impacted the amount of women leading economic projects. Time has taught us that without economic development and stability, there will be political instability. Unless women are empowered economically, their rights will continue to not be secured.

We understand that China, being our neighbours presents us with opportunity, but we have failed to even learn from our neighbours, we have failed to bring fruit to our possibilities.

Nepal has been drawing attention to the necessity of electricity, tourism, communications, trade, export, technical education and automated farms. These sectors may play vital roles to induce women's development and empowerment.

Nepal China Women's Friendship Society is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. This organization aims to bring about solidarity between Nepal and China. It provides a platform to exchange success stories and bring to light the lives and successes of renowned women of our two nations. It hopes to provide chance and change to women's education, health and employment. We hope to share our experiences, our knowledge, our skills, and we hope to strengthen relations between Nepal and China. To accomplish this goal, we have already carried out various activities.

This organization believes that by sharing our experiences, strengthening the sisterhood of our two nations, encouraging political stability through economic development, and promoting peace within our society through the medium of such meetings, gatherings, symposiums and seminars.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of our guests today for making time in all your busy schedules. Thank you.

27 January 2017